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I don’t know why people hold their events outdoor under the heat of the sun at this time of the year when summer heat is intolerable.

I don’t know also why I have been getting those under-the-blistering-hot sun gigs.

English: Mayon Volcano in Albay, Philippines

Almost every week, since April, I have been having at least one show performed outdoor. I think I’m becoming a back-to-nature performer. Judging from the trend, I won’t be surprised if someone calls me today and book me to perform at the base of Mayon Volcano.

And then it hit me. The reason I get outdoor shows is because I probably am the only magician who accepts those types of gigs. I heard my good friend Chubster Flores has forsworn it publicly. Perhaps a number of other magicians shun those shows. As a result, desperate clients turn to me, because I, an avid tennis player who plays two or three sets of doubles at 12 noon, do accept shows outdoor.

And so I did the show for Holcim‘s Family Day last Saturday in Ciudad Christhia Resort 9 Waves in San Mateo, Rizal. The show was in the pool area. When I arrived  and saw the performing area, I was crestfallen. I muttered to myself, “Who will watch the show when everybody is enjoying the water?”

The emcee kept announcing over the public address system that the show would start at 1PM.

One hour before the show, there were only about 20 people in the performing area. Thirty minutes before showtime, no appreciable increase in the number of spectators. I resigned to the fate of performing for empty seats.

But then fifteen minutes before the show, as if by miracle, a horde of people rose from the swimming pool like the Israelites crossing the parted Red Sea and went to the performing area. The rest of the employees from the nearby huts left their tables and came to the show.  In just about five minutes, the crowd swelled so big that I had almost no elbow room to perform.


The huge size of the crowd energized me. I and my team had a blast performing, even though we were practically surrounded. In fact, the only challenging part of our performance was keeping the audience’s attention while they were positioned in front, at the sides and behind us.

Apart from that, the audience reaction was so big I didn’t feel the heat of the sun, even though I was wearing a tuxedo at 1PM by the pool side.

Stay magical,