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genii3I love to subscribe to leading magic magazines such as Genii, the Conjurors’ Magazine or Magic Magazine, just to keep abreast with the latest news about magic.

With subscription rates of the international editions at $87 and $89, respectively, getting a copy of either magazine once a month via airmail is not that steep of an investment.

Before the advent of digitally delivered subscription, this was a good-enough arrangement. I once bought a one-year subscription of Magic Magazine and planned to enjoy twelve copies in one year. Alas, it did not happen that way. Out of the 12 issues due me, I received only eight. Four copies got lost in the void called postal services.

So I stopped my subscription the following year. I didn’t have the money to March	 2013 coverbuy a one-year subscription of Magic Magazine and share four of the 12 copies I was supposed to receive with pilferers in the post office.

Thankfully, the heyday of magazine thieves is past. Most magazines now have digital editions, which the subscribers can download and receive instantly. Such arrangement is available from Genii and Magic magazines.

However, even with the availability of digitally delivered copies, I have not gotten around to subscribing again to industry magazines. Until Vanish Magazine made its debut in the market a few months ago.

Published by Paul Romhany, the magazine is as slickly laid out as Genii and Magic magazines. It also brims with news, magic-related stories, product reviews, performance tips and lots of advertisements of newly released magic tricks, DVDs and books.

The first grand thing about Vanish Magazine is that it is a digital magazine. You can download it to your PC, laptop and iPad and receive your copy instantly.

The second grand thing about it is that it is totally, absolutely FREE.

Vanish Magazine is now on its 7th edition. If you haven’t done it yet, you can download all your copies starting from the first edition right here: Vanish Magazine.

If you like the magazine, please drop your “thank you” notes below in the comments section. I’d really love to hear that you love something that I love.

That will mean you and I have the same taste for magazines.

Stay magical,