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Image of book cover of Mark Wilson's Complete ...

Image of book cover of Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I great number of magicians learn magic by watching videos. A lesser number learn by reading books.

I’m not trying to make a disparaging statement here. I’m merely stating a truth. You see, stating the truth is written in my DNA, a genetic peculiarity that makes it impossible for me to tell falsehood

Happily, when it comes to learning, whether magic or how to fix the faucet, I learn by watching videos and reading books. I enjoy the best of both worlds.

However, when it comes to learning sleight-of-hand and moves, I prefer to acquire manual dexterity by watching videos.

But when it comes to learning the more sophisticated and cerebral notions of our trade-craft, I prefer to bury my nose in books.

I’m telling you about all this, because I stumbled upon a free e-book. It’s a collection of essays on the art of performing magic written by some of the most illustrious thinkers of the art the likes of Tommy Wonder, Eugene Burger, Derren Brown and dozens more.

Edited by Joshua Jay, Magic in Mind is over 500 pages. Joshua writes that the book is an assembly of some of “the most important, influential, and helpful essays on magic ever written” and made “available to all serious students of magic for free.”

I concur.

If you don’t have a digital reader, you can download Magic in Mind to your PC or laptop. I have it on my IPad together with my other IBook materials and Kindle books.

Magic in Mind Magic download (ebook)Go ahead download Magic in Mind now and feed your brain with wisdom distilled from the minds of great magic thinkers.

Click Magic in Mind to download.

Stay magical,