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PhotoAmerican magician Geoffrey Hansen knows more about Philippine magic history than many Filipino magicians. While the likes of Lou Hilario, Rael or Demilo Torrente may easily catch on the thread of his online write-ups, these probably are in over the heads of the young generation of Philippine conjurers.

Which is a shame. No Filipino magician seems to be paying attention, let alone taking notes, while Philippine magic history is unfolding. What will we tell the magicians in the future how Philippine magic was like yesterday and today? It has taken an American magician, who is not even based in the Philippines, to tell us about all this, a befuddlement were it not for its irony.

Geoffrey regularly posts messages on the Facebook pages of Filipino magicians’ groups, sharing tidbits from Philippine magic of years that passed.

Here’s a recent post from him which, with Geoffrey’s kind permission, I’m publishing here:

“How many of you preserve and study the history of magic in the Philippines? I used to enjoy my conversations with ZIALCI, EDDY TORRENTE, ABGAL, TAMPLIN and others. Just think about it, right now the top notch magicians in the Philippines LOU HILARIO, DeMILO TORRENTE, ERIC MANA, BOY SAMSON, CHUBBY FLORES, LEODINI and PAUL POTASSY are l-i-v-i-n-g history.

“Are you keeping track of them and their adventures? How many have autographed photos of these stars? Are you collecting posters, newspaper clippings and video of them? If not, you are missing the chance of a lifetime. – Geoffrey Hansenwww.geoffreyhansen.net

Stay magical,