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 photo 2013-04-05110916_zps7c7b66ba.jpgLast Friday, I spent almost the whole day in Lucena as a member of the cast of a theater company’s magical/musical show currently touring the country.

The cast and crew arrived in Lucena around 9AM, had a quick rest before the obligatory run-through.

Director Bong wanted to have at least two run-throughs but was advised not to go ahead with more rehearsals because the adjoining function room was holding a solemn graduation ceremony of a local college.

Our show was to be held in the main ballroom of Queen Margarette Hotel. After one run-through, we had a long break back stage leading to our 5PM call time.

 photo 2013-04-05182313_zpsa69ed8a2.jpg

Part of the cast of the magical/musical show. Standing right behind me is Ms. Michiko, the show producer, herself a theater personality.

The atmosphere around the performing area was relaxed that day, compared to the previous runs. That must be the reason I had the time to pose for pictures with some members of the cast, something I absolutely forgot in the previous shows.

The show went well, in spite of a great performing obstacle: buffet dinner was served. As a result, I performed magic while some of the guests were still lining up at the buffet table.

We finished the show around 9PM, grabbed a quick dinner, responded to a company call and then motored back to Manila.

I arrived home around 1AM the following day and had to hypnotize myself to sleep right away, because I needed to leave the house by 9AM to catch a lunch party in Taguig.

Not a glamorous way to lead a life. I’m not complaining, though. It’s just that once in a while I wish I’d chosen a career in banking.

On second thought, I already did pursue banking, got burned out, and left the world of finance. So here I am trying to entertain people with magic.

Stay magical,