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Okay, so I have not updated this blog for a while, but trust me, I have good reasons for keeping away from the keyboard to cobble words of wisdom about magic.

I have been in the provinces, performing magic as a member of a theatrical group doing a touring musical play for a pharmaceutical company.

beatles photo: beatles Beatles.jpgI play myself, so my role doesn’t demand much acting from me. In fact I don’t act that much except naturally. Does it remind you of a Beatles song, Act Naturally? I too am reminded by it.

 photo cagsawa_zps60f0fb02.jpgAnyway, I’m doing 31 shows with this theater company. Because it’s a touring show, from now till September, we will be all over Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. But we are not going to Sabah.

Our audiences are pediatricians invited by the pharmaceutical company to watch the show in each city we visit. The doctors will dine while the show plays on stage, a scenario I dread in my bones, sinews, and marrows. Haven’t I told you I hate performing for an audience eating dinner? Or lunch? Or even ice cream?

Thankfully, nothing disastrous has happened so far. We have finished three of the 31 shows (which will run until September). Things have gone great except for some technical snafus on opening night. However, I feel the cast is getting better every show, so by the time we hit Manila, I’m looking forward to blowing the audience away.

Working with theater people is a new experience to me. I have worked in theaters previously but always with novelty artists, such as jugglers, mimes, clowns, acrobats and magicians. Working with theater people has opened my eyes to the discipline, the work ethic, the backstage management, and  the technical support that have to be harnessed to produced a technically pleasant show. I’ve learned a lot already, and we are just into the third leg of the national tour.

What I learned in these shows I intend to use in magic, especially when an opportune time comes again for me to direct a full evening magic and illusion show.

English: Mayon Volcano in Albay, Philippines

English: Mayon Volcano in Albay, Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meantime, I’m honing my act, so I can play myself a lot better. Getting to see places outside Metro Manila makes that easier. I have been to Lou Hilario’s country, Legazpi City, then down to Naga City. My only disappointment was that Mayon hid under a thick cloud when we were there, so I didn’t see its famous beauty.

Before our Bicol sojourn, we went to Batangas for the opening night.

I’m looking forward to more beautiful experiences in melding magic with theater.

Stay magical,