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Dear Leodini,

Last night, I convinced a mother to hire me for her son’s 7th birthday party. To seal the deal, she made a deposit of one-half of my talent fee.

To be honest with you, I have not yet performed at birthday parties. I have no props and children’s magic routines.

But since I have been doing card and coin tricks for six months, I’m confident I can do the job.

The party will be next week. Can you suggest the best tricks to do for a 7-year-old-boy’s birthday party?

Audacious the Great


At Evan's second birthday party (Gymboree)

Hi Audacious the Great,

The best trick is the one you just did: convincing the boy’s mother to hire you even though you have no experience to entertain children, no props, and no magic program you can perform entertainingly.

The next best trick to do is to confess to the mother that you are not qualified for the job.

The third best trick is to return her deposit.

And the last best trick is to give the gig to a professional magician.

You will do magic good if you do all these best tricks as I suggested.

You will also make a 7-year-old birthday boy happy, instead of sore, on his birthday.

Stay magical,




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