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“Hi Sir Leodini, I am a hobbyist close up magician. I just wanna ask what close up tricks can I perform for kids? I have been invited to perform at children’s parties, but I’m worried my material would not be suitable for kids because I perform mostly cards and coins for adult audiences. I hope you can give me some guidance.

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 photo Magic_Hands800_zps0f8a3638.jpgHi Norman,

As a self-appointed expert (although a poor expert), I am glad you asked me for tips about performing magic for children.

If you use the search function of this blog and look for topics under “children’s magic”, you will be rewarded with several articles. You may find helpful at least one or two of them.

Here’s one that may answer your questions directly: Going Into Children’s Magic

Since most close-up magicians know a lot of card tricks, here is one article that deals with card tricks for children: Performing Card Tricks for Children

And here’s a blog post I wrote pointing close-up magicians to suitable material for children’s parties: Audience-Tested Children’s Magic

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Since you mentioned you are doing coin tricks for close-up performances, then I presume you have the basic sleight-of-hand skills to palm coins. If this is the case, you won’t go wrong with performing the evergreen “Miser’s Dream”. It pleases not only the children but the adults as well.

Here are a few tricks that children love: Floating Bill (or any animation trick using IT, ITR, or invisible loops); Vanishing silk, color changing silks, Egg to Silk, Silk Fountain, anything about silk handkerchiefs.

If you want to perform card tricks for children, stay away from choose-a-card tricks. Some children can’t recognize one card from another. Card tricks like color changing cards, torn-and-restored cards, floating cards, or a short flurry of manipulation, will go well for children. If you must do a pick-a-card trick, it’s a good idea to let the children sign the chosen card, or draw pictures on them, so that they will recognize the card when they see it again.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to ask again. I love doing my job as a self-anointed expert (a poor expert at that) and answering questions that baffle magicians.

Stay magical,