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English: Tomb of Muhammad in Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Hello Leo,

Greetings from Saudi Arabia,

I love reading your articles. You are one great writer not only a famous magician/illusionist.

I guess you know me. I’m from Dipolog City, ABC graduate, 1983.

Magic is one of my hobbies since I was in grade school. I do perform magic here every Xmas party in our company, and some friends request me to perform for other occasions. All are free of charge. He-he-he.

i love/enjoy performing magic. I used to watch on YouTube the magic of David Copperfield, Criss Angels, Cyril Takayama, Harou Shimada, Black Shimada, Lance Burton, Paul Daniels, Ricky Thomas, Dynamo, Anha Lim, Hans Kloks, Jeff McBridge, Salvano, Lu Chen of China, the idiot Val Valentino (who revealed the secrets of magic), some famous female magicians such as Alana, Rizuki of Indonesia, Luna Shimada, Angela Funovits, Asami and many more.

Of course you and some Pinoy magicians the likes of Lou Hilario, my friend Cris Castro, Alakim, Rico D’ Magician, Ted bravo, Gino Jaducayan of Davao, Renee Mucha and Rechie Javier.

By the way I want to meet you this February in my vacation.

Best regards,
Engr. Raul
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Hi Raul, nice to hear from a Dipolognon. I’m from Sindangan, and I graduated high school from Saint Vincent’s College.

Thank you for calling me famous. You just made me rethink my plan to establish a group called “Magic Anonymous.” I guess I won’t qualify if applied as member of that group.

I notice you’ve been spending lots of time watching magic on YouTube. That’s good. You get to know the stars and enjoy their brand of magic.

If you hit town, just give me a call. You will do well to visit Manila on a Wednesday, because that’s the day Inner Magic Club holds its weekly meeting. The guys in the Club would love to have you drop by and talk shop.

Stay magical,