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In response to my earlier article titled “Leodini’s Disciplined Buying Program”, magician Kaarlo von Freymann of Helsinki, Finland wrote the following message:

PhotobucketHello everybody,

I am a friend of Ted Orlando, so I have heard a lot about performing in your part of the world. Actually we are of the same age, so it is only natural that I have the same problems as Ted, among them, a lot of props I either never started using or have stopped using.

apprenticeI have found a wonderful way of getting rid of them: I have pupils. (Of course no money is required of them, only a burning desire to learn magic.)

They must take the magician’s oath before being elevated to Sorcerer’s Apprentice Status. After that they come to my house once a week. I perform a trick, and if they would like to have that trick I make a deal: “I will show you how to perform it and you will practice at home. Next week when you again come to see me, you will perform the trick for me. In case you have done your homework and your performance is to be considered adequate, the prop is yours to keep. If you did not do your homework, I will show you no new trick. You must go home and practice and come back next week.”

No money could buy the satisfaction I get from seeing these 12 – 15 year old boys progress, seeing their pride when I say, “Well done, the prop is yours.”

Photobucket We started with Svengali decks and other card tricks, and now they have invented card tricks of their own, of which I do not know how they are done. We are now slowly progressing to Larry Becker’s books and even Cesar’s tricks.

Whenever someone reviews a trick, the review usually ends with “most highly recommended”. Let me say the same about my method of getting rid of props I no longer need.

Kaarlo von Freymann,
Helsinki, Finland


Bravo, Kaarlo. That’s a magnificent project. You not only are able to put to good use your idle props and tricks but also spread the love of performing magic to the younger generation of magicians. Who knows how many among the crop of young magicians you train will rise a future superstar in magic to join the league of the likes of David Copperfield and Lance Burton.

Here’s to the continued success of your project.

Stay magical,