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PhotobucketHi! I found your blog while looking up ‘who loves playing cards’ on Google!

I love the article about “peacock magicians“. I’m dealing with one online right now. Grr.

Anyway, real quickly, I wanted to get some feedback from you on a deck I have made. The art is getting RAVE reviews, and I was curious what you thought.


The Five of Tulips


I know you don’t really use special decks, but we are truly trying to do something special here, and all the responses have been overwhelmingly positive, especially from girls, (who are so often a magician‘s audience) which is rare, at least as far as caring about the look of the cards at all.


Card Back

I’d love to hear your thoughts, would love for you to promote the deck on your blog in return for a few free decks mailed to you if traffic comes from your site to pledge to the project, and really just wanted to make contact with you.

You seem like a very cool guy, and I like your writing. Feel free to contact me in any way, and I hope to hear from you.



Cool-guyHi Jeremiah,

All members of my household think the same way—that I’m a cool guy. They proclaim that with a straight face to anyone who doesn’t care. So it’s nice to find someone validate my relatives’ honest view of me.

I’m not sure how to form an intelligent opinion of your Flowers Playing Cards. Not that I lack intelligence, as many suspect. It’s just that since I have not handled the deck and seen it in person, I’m in no position to judge its suitability for magic performances.

If the cards will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) under the Bicycle brand, I’m sure they will feel, spread, pressure fan, shuffle, double lift, and be sleight-of-hand sensitive, etc., as well as the normal Bicycle cards. For those reasons alone, I hope the Flowers Playing cards may end up inside many magicians’ close-up case and star in many magic performances.


The Three of Sunflowers

The artwork of the Flowers deck blows me away. Just as many girls may never have liked the somber-looking Black Tiger deck, I have not felt in love with it too. And I’m not even a girl. Never have been. And not intending to be.

The design of the Flowers Playing cards is a magnificent work of beauty. I think you are right. Girls will enjoy the visual artistry when they play card games with the Flowers deck. I find the visual artistry enjoyable, too. And I’m not even a girl. Never have been. And not intending to be.

But I said that already…

I wish you all the luck on your project. I’ll probably get a couple of the Flowers deck when they hit Manila stores. Ordering them overseas, with shipping/handling costs and customs duties added to the price tag, is just not practical for a penny-pinching magician like me.

Stay magical,