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PhotobucketHi Leodini,

As your number one avid fan, I know many things about you. I’ve followed your illustrious career since the time you were still trying to learn the Invisible Pass. I know your favorite food, favorite sport, and favorite movie. I even know about your love life and some snippets of your youth. As a nine-year old boy, you cried all day when, after practicing for days, you still could see your Invisible Pass while watching yourself in the mirror. Remember?

Well, I’m just curious. What made you choose the stage name Leodini? What does the suffix “ini” in your name mean?


Curious Carlos


Dear Carlos,

No, I don’t remember ever having cried over my Invisible Pass. In my whole life, I’ve never ever seen an Invisible Pass—not by me or by other magicians.

That must be the reason they call it Invisible Pass—because it’s supposed to be invisible.

PhotobucketYou use the euphemism “follow” to describe the way you stalked me from childhood. I have a fair share of stalkers in my life. It includes a beautiful woman who loves to wear tennis short pants. I suspect she does it to distract me with her pretty legs (which are exceedingly, well, distracting), when she stalks me to collect my overdue tennis club account.

PhotobucketYou are, of course, lying when you claim you are familiar with my love life. No one is familiar with my love life, period. My affair with Julia Roberts is so secret even she does not know about it.

So stop lying or I’ll tack you to the wall!

Now as to “ini” in Leodini, according to The Big Book of Etymology written by—who else?—Leodini, “ini” means “looks like”.  So Leodini literally means “Leo looks like Mel Gibson.”

Now why I chose Leodini as my stage name?

I was young and impressionable and exposed to the influences of the great magicians in the past. At the juncture of my career when I had to take a stage names, Houdini loomed big in my mind and cast a giant shadow on me. Yeah, yeah, that’s a cliche, but that’s how it happened to me on the day I took a stage name.

I thought “ini” was fashionable and creative. Later, when it dawned on me that every magician and his cousin magicians also affixed “ini” to their stage names (Ferdini, Randini, Martini), I was stuck with Leodini. I can’t drop it now without confusing my clients and possibly getting lost in anonymity in my market should I take another stage name.

Stay magical,