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I have performed in most of the beautiful party venues in Metro Manila, suburbs and provinces. Still, Fernwood Gardens in Quezon City impressed my jaded senses with its elegance and beauty when I performed there for the first time last Sunday.

Apart from the venue not having an air-conditioning system (the place is semi-open air), I can’t find anything disappointing about the place.

The place so awed me I snapped several pictures of it:


A guest enters the place and suffers temporary disorientation—there are no function rooms in sight. Only trees, flowers, and green leaves all around. Lots of green leaves.


“Where’s the party, man?”
“Over here,” says a helpful staffer in red shirt.


I follow him through a tunnel of foliage…


…that leads to a paved walkway and to an imposing arch watched by a security guard.


Past the arch is a dark-skinned person in well-pressed white jacket watching a girl in an old-fashioned calesa. The sight is somewhat incongruous with the presence of a classy vintage car in the background.


Upon entering a bedecked door on a decorative wall, you burst into the function room teeming with guests. The room is under a transparent canopy festooned with multi-colored balloons.


The backstage is so spacious that an elegant carriage can park there with lots of leftover room for my assistant to set up comfortably our stuff.


A gushing brook and dainty flowers fill the senses of the beholders.


A curtain of water stream frames the party area to give it an other-worldly look.


You are jolted back to reality when you see a Starbucks booth drawing a long queue of guests. The sight snatches away the romanticized notion that you have left the asphalt jungle of Metro Manila.


After my show, I caught a goose enjoying a night swim with the fish in a pond.

Oh, I forgot to mention…the place offers ample free parking spaces.

Stay magical,