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PhotobucketMagicians don’t think much about playing cards except when they think up new card tricks, moves, sleights and variations of standard magical plots. To them cards are ordinary, everyday tools to perform miracles with.

Lay people, however, think differently. They suspect many magicians use trick decks. To make matters worse, magicians unwittingly encourage these suspicions by using unknown, esoteric decks of playing cards such as Arcane, Infinity, Artifice, etc.

PhotobucketOnly magicians use these decks. Poker players, occasional gamblers and recreational card players use exclusively Bicycle or Bee cards. So when they see a magician pull out from his pocket an arcane Black Tiger deck (even though it’s under the Bicycle brand), they assume the deck is not ordinary but specially made for magicians to do wondrous feats of magic.

PhotobucketEven if a magician uses a Bicycle deck, people still think the playing cards they use are one of the following varieties:

  • It is a trick deck
  • All the cards are the same
  • The cards are marked
  • The cards are short/long
  • The cards are treated with sticky stuff
  • The cards are magnetized
  • The cards have microchips
  • Some of the cards are glued together.
  • The cards can be stripped from the deck by feel.


  • The cards are specially-printed, say, the pips are missing, or there are more pips than in standard cards.

In most instances, the lay people‘s thoughts and suspicions are wrong. However, in other instances too many to make magicians uncomfortable, lay audiences are correct.

PhotobucketIn the end. when the magician finds the chosen card and amazes people, the chances are that the suspicious in the audience are just guessing or bluffing when they theorize about the make of the cards used.

BushPic7A good magician, no matter what type, design, brand or color of playing cards he uses—whether he uses a brand-new or dog-eared deck, advertising, novelty or the Iraqi most wanted cards—he can still amaze his audience if he successfully cancels out the ordinary people’s guesses and presumptions.

Stay magical,