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sunshineWhen I got this message in my mailbox, I felt like I drank one whole pint of sunshine. And to think it was raining that day, and there was no sunshine.

Several days after receiving the mail, I’m still glowing from inside. I just couldn’t get over the effect of drinking all that sunshine. Since the letter is just too good to enjoy by myself, I’ll share it with my readers.

Sir Leodini,

I just want to tell you that all of my guests, especially the dads, loved your acts. They’ve seen tons of magicians(name it, we’ve seen it), but you’re the only one who made them laugh until their stomachs ached. Some of them didn’t want to take a bathroom break for fear they would miss something from your show.

PhotobucketFour of the guests asked about your show packages, and one decided to have a party next year just to get you (yes, they weren’t planning on having one until they saw you).

Thank your for bringing such joy to my family and guests and most especially to my little girl who loves magic tricks to bits.

Here’s to more laughter and amazing moments.

Mommy Joy


Hi Mommy Joy,

Thank you for inviting me to perform at your daughter’s seventh birthday. It’s nice to know the guests enjoyed the show as much as I enjoyed performing for them.