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“The shortest distance between two people is a smile.” ~ Anonymous

PhotobucketI don’t know who Anonymous is. I doubt if anyone does. But I know one certain thing about him. Mr. Anonymous is a darned smart fellow.

He is smart because he knows something important that many dense Filipino magicians are yet to discover. He knows a potent weapon to slay audiences right at the opening cue. It’s not dazzling sleight-of-hand. It’s not elegant patter. It’s not unfathomable illusion. Rather, it’s a smile.

That’s right. Open your show with a smile, and you win the audience’s heart right at the opening sequence.

PhotobucketUnless you are Jeff McBride wearing exotic masks or a Bizzarist about to unveil your latest scare tactics, wear a huge stunning smile on your face when you make your entrance . The audience will warm up to you quicker than you can say, “Leodini the Great!”

The hoary advice, “Smile and the audience smiles with you” is not some New Age mumbo jumbo. I tried it. I tested it. And I swear before event organizers that a smile can win over the audience to my side more efficiently than, say, a burst of mist from a fog machine, loud fanfare, danceable music, or blinding strobe-light effects.

So if you are not sure how to open your show, this is much I can tell you: Open it with a smile.

It’s effective and a no-brainer to give yet so useful to charm your way to your audience’s heart.

Try it the next time you perform.

Stay magical,



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