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Funny, how Filipino magicians incessantly talk about practice.

I happen to be one of them. I’m surprised I talk about practice more often than I spend time practicing my double lift or producing doves from body loads.

Lately, I have this sneaking suspicion that magicians in the Philippines are suffering from a malady called practicephobia. A word I merely coined, it means severe bouts of laziness that drive magicians to detest practice and rehearsals and make them love inactivity.

I believe I have been afflicted with the malady far longer that I thought.

PhotobucketSo to rescue my artistic side from floundering and my physical self from inertia, I have been reading a blog written by my favorite writer (whom I idolize every minute of the day) .

He wrote an eye-opening article on the subject of practice. You can read it here: How Long and Hard do you Practice?

The author’s name is Leodini. I’m not sure if he’s a Filipino magician who practices every day. What I’m sure of is that he’s been afflicted lately with severe bouts of self-love and fascination with himself. I think the technical term for that kind of personality disorder is narcissism. Rumors have it that he has been punching and kicking his puppets out of jealousy. His puppets can deliver punchlines better than he.

Poor guy. He needs more practice, I think.

Stay magical,