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PhotobucketIf as a magician in the Philippines you use in your show gadgets that run on batteries, you have one more challenge to surmount every show.

No matter how expensive your equipment, how advance its technology, how smart it is, or how it’s backed by excellent manufacturer’s guarantee, it is only as good as the battery you use in it.

Take that as one of those pesky Murphy’s Laws that can bug unexpectedly a magic show.

PhotobucketI stumbled upon this law unaware of its penalty’s severity.

It concerns my earset microphone. I buy a fresh battery at the start of the day, and in the middle of the second or third show, my microphone sputters (reminds me of a propeller) and then dies.

I used to load my Sennheiser wireless microphone with a cheap, nine-volt made-in-China battery, because I’m a thoroughbred cheapskate. The battery comes in a plastic wrapper for less than P50. Sometimes I’d hoard a supply, thinking doing so got me a bargain. Boy, was I wrong!

Often, I’d unwrapped one battery from its plastic wrapper, put it fresh into my Sennhieser, and the microphone doesn’t wake up from slumber. Once in about six purchases, a fresh battery from China, still plastic wrapped, contains no juice. Absolutely no juice! As in its as dry as the landscape of Mars, thus giving authentic meaning to the term “dry cell battery“.

PhotobucketSo I switch brands. I go for Eveready, which is a few pesos more expensive. I try Eveready, because I’m a sucker for outrageous ad copy like “it has nine lives.”

Well, Eveready doesn’t have nine lives, but it outperforms China-made batteries by about two lives. An Eveready battery from the wrapper works—for two or three shows.

I thought that’s the normal lifespan of batteries, so for a long while I had nothing to complain about.

PhotobucketUntil I tried Energizer’s nine-volt battery

The day I tried it opened my eyes to a whole new vista of battery life.  I felt like Darwin finding the missing link in the evolution of batteries.

I go through three shows, and the Energizer still keeps going. The next day, I go through another two shows, and my mic still gives out clear, uninterrupted sound, without the sputtering-propeller effect. The following week, the battery goes through several more performances. Still it shows no signs of slowing down. When I count eight shows and the Energizer remains strong, I stop counting.

In the end, the Energizer serves me for around a dozen shows. Since my show runs for about 45 minutes, that means the Energizer goes through nine hours of show without a hiccup before giving up.

PhotobucketThe TV ad showing a remote-controlled toy running around on Energizer battery for hours on end is true. I’m writing this testimonial, because I feel giddy finding something that works efficiently and without fail every time. In a live performance like a magic show, I need that kind of assurance, so I can attend to the other challenges of the show without being weighed down by drained batteries.

For about P150 per battery, the Energizer, if used for your wireless mic system, is a steal.

Stay magical,