notguiltyI wrote about Magician’s Guilt in a previous article, discussing the demeanor of magicians who feel guilty when doing tricks.

Well, guilty magicians have brothers who exhibit completely opposite behaviors. They don’t feel guilt, remorse or sorrow when lying to the audience. They don’t feel pain or anguish when tricking people. Their conscience is never stricken by scruples or moral rectitude. Not that they are inherently wicked. It’s just that they don’t care how their magic performance affects or fails to affect the audience.

They are basically reckless.

They don’t mind if they are flashing the secrets of the trick during a performance. They steal something from a secret load in the downstage side of their body, thus educating the audience where the production came from. A careful magician would rue such flashes. A guiltless magician couldn’t care less.

Remorseless magicians tell white lies and feel no pricks in their conscience. They say with conviction, “I’m an international magician”, as if it’s a fact written in history books.

hkWell, being an “international magician” is probably a white lie. He once went to Hong Kong and performed a vanishing silk handkerchief (using a thumb tip) to a taxi driver. Since Hong Kong is located outside of Philippines’ national borders, it is the therefore an international place. So performing thumb tip magic in Hong Kong for a taxi driver makes him an international magician. That’s not entirely correct but neither it is a flat-out lie. Thus it is a white lie, or if you are color blind, a black-and-white lie.

mike-2Guiltless magicians may tell tall tales, say, “David Copperfield and I are close friends. Since David is an excellent magician, I must be good too by association.” You see avatars on online forums showing these magicians together with celebrity magicians.

So what do I make of this type?

Well, I adore them, because I am one of them. I am exactly the remorseless, careless and clueless type.

Stay magical,