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PhotobucketI have this brilliant notion that when I experience a long drought of great ideas for my show, I turn to other fields of endeavor for inspiration.

To my dismay, like all my other notions, this is not original with me.  Creative people use this technique as well.  In fact, motivational speakers have a pretentious name for this process.  They call it “thinking outside the box.”

PhotobucketAs I understand the term, it basically means to look at problems from another and fresher perspective. Often, the solution lies or lurks in the most unexpected places. When one applies the ideas discovered in unusual places, it results in unique creations, say, an uncommon magic trick or a standout presentation.

I’m so sold to the idea of mining inspirations from allied performing arts such as singing, acting, humor and writing. I even pan for creative concepts from other fields as diverse as philosophy, technology and history.

For this reason, one of my New Year’s resolution is to broaden my perspective through reading up on various disciplines. My plan is to cast my net wider in search of extraordinary ideas and brilliant inspirations.

PhotobucketStumble Upon is one place on the Net that overflows with ideas and inspiration.  You can spend the whole day there and lose yourself among the many resources it yields.  I know, because I spend countless hours there every time I’m stuck with a problem or stare at a blank blog editor, struggling to find something to write about.

Here’s one example I found on Stumble Upon.  A video of a dog who plays the piano and sings.

It’s so funny my laughter woke up our dogs in the house at 5 AM today. See for yourself.

After watching the video, ideas have started percolating in my head. I’m not sure what routines and presentation I will come up with as a result of watching this dog sing and play the piano, but I’m thoroughly inspired already to don my thinking cap.

Stay magical,