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PhotobucketDear Leodini,

I’m basically a card magician. When I perform, the cards behave miraculously in my hands. I have been doing card magic for two years now, and people say I’m very good at what I do.

At yesterday’s show, I impressed a guy from a car company, and he wanted to hire me to perform walkaround magic at his company’s upcoming event. I relish the thought of the event, because walkaround magic is my forte.

However, here’s the catch. He wanted me also to do one, spectacular illusion. He said he’d hire me if I could magically produce onstage a brand-new car with a bevy of girls in it.

I know from reading your posts that you are the right person to consult. Please help me. How can I be a card magician and an illusionist at the same time? Can you teach me how to build an appearing car illusion with girls in it?

Oh, by the way. The event is two weeks away.


Bothered Mike


SAM_2062Hi Bothered Mike,

Thank you for your confidence in me. It’s nice of you to trust me. I don’t even trust myself.

I find it surprising that people trust me more than I trust myself. You remind me of this great Leodini saying: “If someone says he trusts you, he is probably pulling your leg.”

You can read that gem on page 32 of the New York bestselling book titled “Leodini’s Thoughts and Nothing but his Thoughts.” I’ll give you a copy of it, as soon as I have it printed.  I’m just having a hard time finding a printer who will print a book with lots of blank pages in it.

Tell the car guy who wants to hire you that your fee for doing the car-and-bevy-of-girl illusion is P10 million. That should scare him and call the whole thing off.

However, if he still insists on you doing the illusion, be wary. He may be in love with you—not with your magic—and wants to enter into same-sex marriage with you.

Well, tell him the requirements of the illusion. Be vicious about it. The idea is to scare him off and change his mind, so he will hire another performer instead, say, a stunt driver to drive a car into a wall and wreck it. Wreck the car, not the wall.

PhotobucketIf your car guy is as numb as a cadaver and refuses to play your mind game, tell him that in order to do the illusion you need a brand new car. That you need to empty it of its engine and all its entrails. That you need to cut the car up into little pieces, attach hinges to those pieces, so that you can fold the entire car into a small size you can palm and hide in your pocket. Also, tell him, that you need a dozen girls or so that can nest on top of each other.

These stringent requirements should wake him up from the spell you cast on him and make him realize you are not the right person to perform the illusion.

Well, that’s the facetious answer to your question. Here’s my brutal but honest advice:

PhotobucketIf you are ill-prepared or don’t have the right act, turn down the gig. I would, because I’m not a model of emotional strength. I’m sure I can’t handle the stress of hurriedly putting together a show. Then too, if the show bombs, I’m sure I’ll become a nervous wreck for a few weeks. I can’t handle that, either.

Stay magical,