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Emma-Frost-10Hi Sir Leodini, good afternoon! I just want to ask your opinion. What are the TWO best gadgets among the following?

* TKO 2.0

I want to buy something that really is worth my money. I know you are the one who can help me. Thanks a lot.

Norman Capistrano


PhotobucketAt the risk of suggesting something that may not suit you, let me say that of the items on your to-buy list, my preferences are Extreme Burn, TKO and Signed Card to Wallet…in that order.

I said “at the risk of”, because we play for different venues, perform for different segments of society and target different markets. We have distinct performing styles. What may be useful for me may not be as useful for your needs.

Similarly, other professional magicians may not agree with my suggestion. Again, the reason could be because they have found better tricks they prefer to do.

Just the same, I will vouch for the props I mentioned above. Here are my reasons:

Extreme Burn is a highly visual money magic that has become more visual with its later versions. Money always interests people even if you are not doing magic with it. So imagine how people would pay attention to you if you were using money to perform miracles.

I’ve learned many years ago to use money magic to open a close-up show. People stop what they are doing when I approach a table, hand the expectators a P20 bill, ask them to check it if its genuine, point out I have several more P20 bills in my hand, and then change them all into P1,000 bills. Right from the opening sequence, people stop what they are doing and give out squeals of delight seeing all those money materialize before their eyes.

One tip. Use large denominations to impress the audience. Don’t turn P20 bills into P50’s. You will look cheap, and maybe not worthy of respect, let alone the audience’s attention. But P20 bills to P1,000’s always look impressive and amazing even to the most apathetic crowd.

As a utility device, TKO can produce visual magic. Users of it swear by its practicability and versatility. I have not actually used it, but the performances I saw and the specs I know it has convince me of its power.

1-3The Card to Wallet has been in my close-up repertoire for a long time. I always end my close-up show with it, because I think it is so strong I can’t top it with another trick (specially another card trick).

The wallet I’m using is the BKM (Balducci, Kaps, Mullica) wallet. I don’t even use the palm method, because I produce the chosen card exclusively in the Mullica part of the wallet. (The palm method can make the signed chosen card end up inside a sealed envelope inside the zippered compartment of the wallet, if you really want to get fancy about it.)

I know there are newer versions and methods of this trick, the latest of which is the Card to Any Wallet. I prefer to stick to my BKM wallet. If done well, I had spectators swearing (and perjuring themselves) that their chosen card went to their wallet, not to mine. Go figure.

On a similar note, I once performed Card on the Ceiling, and the spectator kept telling his friends afterwards that his signed chosen card disappeared from the deck and ended up on top of a tree. Again, go figure.

I wrote about this incidents in this post: In Praise of False Witnesses.

If you can get reactions and testimonies like those, I believe you too won’t be so inclined to switch wallets. You probably would stick to the BKM wallet, as I have, even though there are new wallets in the market today.

Stay magical,