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PhotobucketTo the Pinoy magicians who think they can entertain their audience with their drawn-out magic tricks, here’s something to think about.

An article on Health24.com titled “Sex Mostly a Quickie” reports that in a survey, sex therapists concluded that the optimal amount of time for sexual intercourse is three to 13 minutes.

Let me repeat that in case you were not paying attention. The optimal amount of time for sexual intercourse is three to 13 minutes.

UntitledOkay, Leodini,  why are you telling us about this? Are you are a sex fiend now, a guru or what?

The answer is “or what”.

Stay with me.  You will see how all this has to do with magic.

The report says that the findings, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, “strike at the notion that endurance is the key to a great sex life.”

It is not.  Nor is it about durability or longevity.

Just think about it. Stop doing double-lifts and pause for a while. Sex is the human race‘s survival instinct. It’s written in our genes so people will find pleasure in reproducing themselves.  That way they can  perpetuate their existence on earth.


Toward this end, God made sex tempting and irresistible, making it difficult for people to make excuses not to mate. Very few humans, including some celibates, posses the willpower to abstain from it.

But, hey, the delight sex brings, rapturous or ecstatic it might be, lasts only for a maximum 13 minutes. How then can your 14-minute, dragging Ambitious Card Routine fare in the face of people’s severe attention deficiency?

One answer and one answer only: Cut your overlong magic routine to three to seven minutes, well within most people’s sexual attention span.

Be done with it before your audience reach orgasm.

Those are two answers.  Sorry, I lied again.

Stay magical,