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PhotobucketHi Leodini,

I contacted you here because I did not know if my question is appropriate for your open forum.

I am Tony James from the U.S. I joined your forum a few months ago after asking if you know where magic shops were in Cebu, I think. It may have been in Davao. I am still contemplating living in either city after I arrive. So, I cannot remember which city I mentioned.

Anyway, I saw a magician on Philippines Got Talent whose name is Alan “Alakim” De Paz. He performed an illusion by making butterflies appear from rose petals.

Photobucket I have not only looked on the Internet, I have scoured it for endless hours trying to find how this illusion is performed.

I do not know if it is improper protocol to ask you how this is done. If it is, then with due respect, I would like to ask anyway. I am so incredibly curious to know I will risk my own embarrassment to ask you to explain it.

As you may remember, I am a newcomer to magic. My forte is fire. At least for now. I would love to add butterflies to my fire performance. That is, when I finally get the nerves up to do so on stage.

Also, can you put me in contact with the primary magicians club in the Philippines? I would like to join and also be a member of a local ring after I arrive, if one is close to where I will be living.

Thank you and keep up the good work on your website. It is enlightening to this young, but older magician.

Kind regards,

Tony James

Vermilion(Cleveland), Ohio, USA
Hi Tony,

Thank you for your letter. I’m glad you trust me to answer your questions.

I responded to your first email where you asked for help in finding somebody to mentor you in the art of magic when you retire in the Philippines. Judging from the tenor of your latest message, I imagine you did not receive my reply.

I suggest you subscribe to this blog, so you get a notification in your mailbox each time a new post is published. If you do that, you  won’t need anymore to visit this site each day to keep tabs of the updates. And you will not miss my replies to you.

To subscribe, just go to any article on this blog. On the left side of the page, right under my avatar, is a link that says “Email Subscription”.  Just click it, and you will be added to my list of subscribers. You will then get copies of new articles in your mailbox or notifications of updates on posts and comments you are following.

I wrote a full blog entry in response to your first message. You will find the post here: An American Magician Asks Leodini for Help in Finding a Mentor.

PhotobucketI can understand your excitement about Alakim’s butterfly magic. It is a beautiful and elegant act the way he performs it. You can scour the Net all day long, but you will not find any resources on how it’s done. Alakim has not yet published it. It is, therefore, not ethical for me to explain the trick.

However, on the matter of getting you in touch with primary magic clubs in the Philippines, I suggest you make a due diligence on Inner Magic Club.

I have devoted several pages of this blog entirely for this Club. If you want to know more about it, you can click “IMC History”on the menu on top of the page. There are drop-down options to bring you to articles on How to Apply for Membership, Mission and Vision. (I have also hyper linked those terms, so you need not bother to go to the main menu anymore.)Photobucket

I’m sorry I don’t have information about magic shops in Davao or Cebu.

Stay magical,