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PhotobucketDear Leodini,

I am new to magic. One of the first things I learned when I started studying the art is to keep its secrets.

Today I’m confused. Why are the secrets of magic revealed blatantly on the Internet and on TV? Why does the Pinoy Masked Magician keep appearing on TV to expose magic tricks?

Please tell me. I hate him so much that I’m losing my mind.


Insanely Newbie


Hi Insanely Newbie,

The Pinoy Masked Magician is revealing secrets on television to earn a measly sum of money.

Without the mask, he probably has no career in magic. He has not enough shows to feed his appetite for buying new props. So for a small sum of money, he wears a mask and exposes magic secrets on TV.

Forgive him for he is not a magician. He is a mercenary.

PhotobucketAfter the exposure, though, he goes back to the real world, where he has so few shows that they are not enough to tide him and his family over, let alone finance his urge to buy more props and magic.

It’s been his lack of success as a magician that has forced him to sell his soul to TV networks. He needed to scrounge around for cash, just like most of us, but since his magic sucked nobody was keen on hiring him.

He then proceeded to prostitute his sucky magic to network producers, who, to his surprise, were more savvy businessmen than he. They gave him crumbs in return for the secret of the Change Bag. With the loose change he earned from exposing magic tricks, he went back to the real world to continue living his miserable life.

Without the mask on, he has no career in magic.

PhotobucketHe has no shows and no money.

He has no honor and no friends.

His magic remains sucky.

He is in constant fear that somebody will discover he is the abominable Pinoy Masked Magician.

He quakes in his pants at the sight of another magician. He can’t look anyone in the eye, because he carries a burden far heavier than anyone can imagine.

Don’t hate him. Instead, have pity on him, for he lives a wretched life.

PhotobucketIf he has conscience, he must have rued the day he wore that mask and exposed magic tricks on television.

Of course, I could be wrong about the conscience thing.

Stay magical,