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snoring-problem-solutionLast night, shortly after I had fallen asleep, a series of text messages roused me up. They came just as I reached dreamland.

I often get text messages from prospective clients and event organizers as late as 12 midnight. Mostly they are inquiries about my available dates.

Thinking that the messages last night were from them, I forced to wake myself up, reluctantly cutting short my dream at the moment when Jennifer Lopez was about to kiss me.

It turned out the messages came from someone I didn’t know. He asked if I had shows this week. I replied, “Yes,” and he shot a follow-up question, “When is the closest to this day?”

I thought the message sender was a birthday mom wanting to watch my show before deciding to hire me. So I texted the message sender the venues of my Saturday and Sunday shows.

PhotobucketThe next messages from him shook the haze in my head. Whereas moments before I had been reading the messages through bleary eyes, now I really was focused on what the sender was texting me. “Can I come to one of your magic shows?… I am also a great magician.”

A GREAT magician!

Now he got my attention. Now I was fully awake. Still I thought I was dreaming.

The first name that the word “great” flashed in my mind was Jeff McBride.

Jeff McBride wanted to come to my shows and watch me?


I was ecstatic. I floated to the cumulonimbus without strands of invisible threads holding me up!

Then the message sender brought me back to the ground….hard and with a thud. He told me his name. He said he was from Metro Manila.

I realized then that he could be a hobbyist wanting to see a professional in action. He might have been watching too much magic on YouTube, the reason that he called himself a “great magician”.

PhotobucketI don’t know why, but many magicians feeding on YouTube magic think they are “great”. I have always known that too much YouTube magic has a narcotic-like effect that makes magician fantasize greatness. Not wanting to become delusional, I avoid YouTube magic as much as possible.

But that is another topic for another day of blogging.

Anyway, I told the message sender that my shows were mostly private parties. I couldn’t bring to these parties people who didn’t have invitations from the client.

I promised to let him know when I would have public shows near his place. I also suggested that, if he wanted to watch a live magic show, he might as well go to IMC on the last Wednesday of the month to catch the Club’s monthly competition.

I’m writing about this exchange of text messages to make it clear that, much as I want to bring friends to a show, I’d rather not.  Most of my shows are private parties. I think it is unseemly to bring uninvited persons to a private party.

The last thing I would like to do is to promote gate-crashing. I don’t want to do it, as it may offend my clients. They are my first priorities.

I hope you guys understand. I just want to maintain a high standard of professionalism…

trophy…So that I’ll win Magic’s Sterling Professionalism Award—as soon as somebody think up of it.

Stay magical,