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PhotobucketSometimes, when things start out wrong then end happily like in fairy tales, I’m convinced there must be real magic.

Take what happened last Saturday, for example. I looked forward to performing at the clubhouse of Royal Palm Residences in Taguig. I have performed several times there and liked the place. Boasting of several amenities like an expanse of swimming pool and playground, the clubhouse had a large party area with a diffused lighting suitable for floating effect.

Last Saturday, though, my mood changed quickly when my team and I arrived at the venue and got the bad news: there was no electricity.

The party time came and passed, still the technical staff of the clubhouse could not tell us when power would be restored.

PhotobucketI told my assistants not to set up our stuff and wait instead for the electricity to come back. We could not perform our show, unless we had electricity, as our program heavily relied on our sound system. It was a futile exercise to assemble our props only to take them down without performing the show.

If only our sound system would run on batteries…

I don’t know how long we waited for the power to come on. After sweating inside a powerless room for a seemingly interminable time, and fanning ourselves vigorously, the electricity came back. The party then went on to a roaring success.

Today, an email from a happy father was waiting for me in my mail box:
Dear Sir Leodini,

Thank you very much for your magic show yesterday for our son Jacob’s birthday party.  It was hilarious, unique, mind-boggling (how did you do that last one??), and truly amazing!

I feel I need to apologize because I failed to talk to you last night after the party, and personally give my thanks to you.  Will you please forgive this poor parent, who was so busy tending to happy guests last night he forgot to thank in person one of the reasons the guests were so happy in the first place?

Your performance and your character exceeded our expectations.  It was so much different from the other magic shows I have seen.  I told my wife that I will stop entertaining guests during your show because I didn’t want to miss it.  Well, I made the right call.  🙂

Well, it was a day that was almost destined to end in disaster (no electricity!!).  But several things fell into place and we (and our guests) totally forgot about that debacle and simply had a great time.  Thank you, for helping turn our son’s birthday party from a disaster to a delight, from becoming messy to becoming miraculous and magical.


We really do hope to get the chance to see you perform again.  In behalf of my family, thank you Sir.  🙂

Joe and Lyris Terrel

Thanks Joe and Lyris, you made my day with this letter.

Stay magical,