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PhotobucketAs many of my close associates in the Philippine magic community know, I once worked for a big bank (the biggest in the Philippines during my time there). My stint lasted for 23 years until I got burned out and decided to quit.

I spent thirteen of those years at the bank’s head office marketing and PR department. When I left my day job in the bank to go into magic, I brought  with me my love for marketing.


Marketing, PR and sales are, of course, large fields of discipline of which I have only a smattering knowledge. Still, I find it gratifying to apply some of their principles, specially when their intended results materialize like magic right before my eyes.

For example, marketing gurus of all shades have always preached on rooftops the benefits of sending thank-you notes to clients after rendering a service. The idea is to maintain a good relationship with past clients and not ending that relationship at the completion of a project.

I subscribe to this thank-you-lettersending tact. I diligently send out thank-you notes after each party and usually get more benefits than I bargain for. The clients often respond with glowing feedback of the show.

Their statements then go into my testimonial file. I read and re-read them once in a while to feed my confidence and bask in the glow of successful shows.

Here’s one such testimonial from a birthday mom:

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Dear Sir Leo,
Thank you for your email and all I can say is that we all had a blast with your show.  I really made the right choice in choosing you.  Whenever I email and text all my guests and thank them for coming, all they can remember is the magician.  You WOWED them all!!! You rocked the whole house down with your show!!! There was never a dull moment, from the moment you took the floor, up to the very last words of your goodbye.  It was simply amazing.  
It was really fun having you at the party.  I felt like a 7-year-old kid again.  :D big grin
It was definitely worth remembering.  
Big, big thanks, Sir Leo, and keep it up.
God bless you Sir.
Stay magical,