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Lewis Grand HotelA birthday mom threw a birthday bash for her one-year-old daughter on May 1, when the Philippines traditionally celebrated Labor Day.

While most of the country watched on TV how workers stridently demand higher wages and politicians ducking the issue, I drove all the way to Angeles City to perform magic at Lewis Grand Hotel.

It’s an elegant white building whose charm one cannot mistake from afar. Not large as some of the five-star hotels in Manila, it is nonetheless an imposing structure that stands magnificently on the street just a giant leap from SM Clark.

PhotobucketI love the function room where the party was held. It is large enough for about 20 tables, but not so large as to dwarf the show I brought.

The four large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling accentuated the touch of class the function breathed. They gave the room a suffused illumination, which would have been perfect for thread work and floating effects. I rued the miss opportunity of doing any levitation, when I discovered I left in the house my invisible thread kit.

Still I had a fun time performing, because the room had crystal clear acoustics. It was as if I was performing inside a recording studio. The audience heard every laugh line I dropped and responded accordingly with gails of laughter.

It was the second time I had performed at Lewis Grand Hotel, and each time was a pleasant experience.

Normally I hate performing at hotels, because the layout of the building and the security checks make a magician’s ingress and egress a nightmare.

Lewis Grand Hotel is an exception, though. The function room is located on the ground floor, right next to the lobby. That means, a perfomer and his props have no need for a service elevator to access the party venue.

PhotobucketThe security guards are friendly and accommodating instead of authoritative and suspicious. The entrance and exit for my equipment, my team and I are just a few steps from the entrance walkway. The most charming thing of all is that there are lots of spaces on its parking lot just a few meters away from the function room.

Because of all this, I had a wonderful experience performing at yesterday’s birthday party at Lewis Grand Hotel.

I’m looking forward for my next gig there.

Stay magical,