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11d5I have counseled my readers to show off their props. I forgot, however, to caution them not to let their props take over the show.

You may have with you onstage monstrosities you call props or illusions. You may even have dancing-girls clad in skimpy dresses to make the male part of the audience drool. Or adorable rabbits to make the children scream.

rabbit-hatIf you hide behind them thinking these are enough to entertain people, surprise, surprise!, you are right. The large illusions and props will dazzle the audience; the half-naked girls will make the boys sigh; and the rabbits will make the children delirious with excitement.

But how about you, the performer? How do they feel about you? Do they find you entertaining? Or forgettable?

Playboy_Magazine_October_1971_coverYou might just as well send them catalogs containing pictures of magic props, or show them the latest issue of Playboy magazine, or give them a copy of a primer on how to raise rabbits. That would probably have the same effect as your show.

Stay magical,