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PhotobucketFor a change, let me share with you performing tips that are not admonitions. Notice that none of the nuggets of wisdom below, taken from Leodini’s brain cells, start with “don’t”.

They are small, seemingly inconsequential knowledge about performing magic. But like an ant, they do bite.

Whip out your strong material.  Don’t be contented with a sponge ball routine. Sponge ball magic is funny and entertaining in the hands of a competent magician. However, lots of people have seen them more than often enough times.

PhotobucketDo something the audience has not seen before.  If you show them something they already saw (like the Wilting Flower, Appearing Cane, or Vanishing Silk Hanky ), they will get so bored some of them will contemplate suicide.

Show them the Milk Can Escape instead. It’s a superb material to perform at a kid’s birthday party.  I guarantee that the birthday boy’s Daddy will be riveted to your performance until the last drop of water on his carpet.

Add variety to your performance.  Don’t do an all-card-trick show, unless you are Bill Malone.  Bill Malone is not boring, but you are (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading an article on how not to be boring like this post).

A Jack-of-all-trade magician cannot be an expert at anything, but he certainly can be more entertaining than a one-dimensional performer.  Throw in some manipulation, comedy magic, and an illusion into your act. Make sure you do them well, though.

Remember this: audiences need some variety and will appreciate a generous serving of it.

PhotobucketClose the show before they say, “Enough”.  The tricky part is to gauge when they have had enough. Audience members don’t say “enough” verbally.  They say it in some subtle ways. When you hear the room rustle, see people squirm in their seats, observe them looking at their watches, the audience probably has had enough of your magic. If you don’t stop now, they are going to vomit all over the floor.

People who are satiated, overfilled and overdosed always do that.

Stay magical,