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PhotobucketAs of today, the video that I’m about to show you has garnered more than 2 million votes.

Probably you have seen it already. I have. The first time I caught it on YouTube a couple of years ago, I could not stop laughing. It was hilarious then. It’s super hilarious now.

I stumbled upon this clip again during the Holy Week. I still could not control the laughing fit while watching it. This video drives me insane. I dropped to the floor, my feet sticking out to the air, tears rolling down my cheeks in uncontrolled laughter.

The copy of the video below is already subtitled, as opposed to the copy I first viewed years ago.  The subtitle raises the hilarity a few more notches in the laugh meter, as it allows non-Dutch speakers to understand the interview.

PhotobucketThe clip shows Dutch (or is he Belgian) TV host Eric Hartman interviewing his guests live on the air. The subject of the interview is pretty serious: medical malpractice. But Eric can’t stop laughing when the male guests, a victim of a tonsillectomy gone wrong, begins speaking.

I’m sharing the video to you guys to help me unravel a mystery: what makes this video clip funny? Nobody is shown making faces. No one is dropping punchlines. Yet, the scene infects us with a virulent virus that tickles our funny bones.

If you know the answer, please leave your comments below.

However, if you will not laugh while watching this video, then you may want to resign from the human race and become a crocodile. Crocodiles don’t laugh. They just shed tears.

Here’s the video clip. Laugh or shed tears. I’ll leave it all up to you.

Stay magical,