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I had three shows on Easter Sunday—one in Century Park Hotel, one in Marriott Hotel, and one in Ayala Southvale in Daang Hari.

The three shows were enough to make my day, but the bonus was bumping into Paul Potassy at Century Park Hotel.

“I have been living in this hotel for the last eight years,” Paul told me, as his beaming wife Lita nodded in agreement.

Paul was taking photos of the hotel’s Easter Sunday event titled Easter Olympics held at the atrium of Century Park Hotel.

He asked me when I’d be performing. When I told him after lunch, he said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I won’t be able to watch your show. I’ll have my siesta after lunch. I’m old, so I need more sleep. I hope you understand.”


People begin to arrive at 10AM, long before the show is scheduled to start.

I said I understand.

After flashing smiles to the camera with me, Paul disappeared from the crowd. I thought then that he went upstairs to his room to have lunch and then catch his afternoon nap.

I was halfway through my show when I caught a glimpse of Lita back in the crowd. A little while later, Paul ambled into the audience, grabbed a chair and watched the show.

I knew then that Paul, as always, is a magician at heart and couldn’t resist watching a fellow magician perform. He rearranged his nap schedule to catch my show.

Paul in the audience was the bonus I received on Easter Sunday.

Stay magical,