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Not too long ago, an event organizer wanted me to perform the Substitution Trunk. No big deal, huh?

It was a big deal to me.  She wanted me to perform it for 10 seconds.  You heard it right: 10 freaking seconds.

PhotobucketThe performance will be included in a production number—you know, a bevy of dancing-girls, writhing, twisting, squirming  and, I suppose, giving the audience a glimpse of their underwear onstage while an ear-splitting music plays.

Toward the end of the dance number, I was to perform the Substitution Trunk.  I have to do it in 10 seconds, lest the music would have stopped already and I would overrun it.

PhotobucketNow, I think the Substitution Trunk is a beautiful, amazing and awesome illusion.  But it has to be performed correctly. Meaning the magician will have to build up the presentation to elicit suspense and to work a vigorous response.  To achieve that result, he has to perform the illusion for more than 10 seconds.

I don’t know if the Substitution Trunk can be done in 10 seconds—technically.  Well, maybe it can by removing all the convincers such as tying up the performer, putting him inside a sack, tying up the sack, placing him inside the trunk, locking up the trunk and then tying up the trunk for good measure. All this will take more than 10 seconds. (I don’t have the real timing, but I’m a psychic, so I know putting the magician inside the trunk will take more than 10 seconds.)

PhotobucketNow, reverse the process at the end of the performance—untying the trunk, unlocking it, untying the sack to show the assistant, and releasing the assistant from her bondage.  All this, again, will take more than 10 seconds.

Now, thinking about it, I’d grudgingly admit that theoretically the Substitution Trunk effect can be done in 10 seconds or under. Hans Klok did it on TV in his multiple-illusion exhibition. That’s right.  You heard me correctly.  It was an exhibition, not magic.

And that was what the organizer wanted me to do.

Well, I’m not an exhibitionist. Still, I think it’s wrong to perform the Substitution Trunk in 10 seconds—eliminating all the trimmings of presentation to avert time overrun—and reduce it to an exhibition piece. Or to a special effect.

Well, I turned down the gig.

I have no regrets. I told myself—and myself agreed—that even though I have magic powers, there are things I can’t or mustn’t do. Substitution Trunk in 10-seconds is one of those “can’t do’s”.

Stay magical,