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PhotobucketWhen you have been doing magic for some time, you will  have clients asking your the same questions over and over again.

For this reason, I have been meaning to put up a FAQ page on my websites, including on this blog. The idea is to make it easier for prospects to find the answers to the common questions bugging their minds.

But I’m a lazy procrastinator. I haven’t found the time to writing the answers to all those questions out there.

Until now.

Now, I will attempt to answer some of those persistent questions.

This is still not Leodini’s FAQ page, but for the moment, it will do.

Have you performed abroad? No, I have not. There were offers for me to work abroad, but I turned them all down.

PhotobucketThe pay is not lucrative enough to incite me to leave my family on extended periods of time and work in foreign lands. Sometimes the deals offered to me are uninteresting. One agent wants me to perform magic in his hotel during the night, and since there are no shows during the day, he wants me to wait on tables or wash dishes in the kitchen.

The gall. Not that I look down on jobs waiting on customers’ tables or washing dishes. It’s just that I have no training in them. I might just Elmsley Count the plates and cups when they make me serve customers’ tables. I said no to the offer, because I’d be an ineffective wait staff and dish washer.

PhotobucketCan you come to the party in a Harry Potter costume? I can but I won’t. No matter how many Harry Potter costumes I wear, one on top of the other, I wouldn’t look as nearly as Harry Potter. Passing myself off as Harry Potter would be an exercise in futility.

Do you teach magic? No, I don’t. I don’t have the patience of a teacher. I fear I might strangle my student when he is slow in getting my instructions.

Can you give me a discount? Much as I wish to lower my rate I’d rather not. Doing so would affect the quality of my show.

Do you accept parties in the provinces? Yes, I have been all over the country performing for parties, events and product launches. Offer me a good deal, and I will go to your event wherever it is in the Philippines.

Can you perform the butterfly magic I saw on TV? I can, but I won’t. The butterfly act is somebody’s signature act. If you want it, hire the magician who does it.

Can you read minds? I can, as long as the subject doesn’t think in Chinese characters. I can’t read Chinese.

Can you make my wife disappear? If your wife is beautiful, doesn’t ask money, doesn’t yell, doesn’t gossip with the neighbors, knows how to wash clothes and dishes, I’ll take her home to help my maid do the household chores.

I’m broke. Can you make me some money? Get out of my face and find a job.

PhotobucketCan you levitate like a balloon? I can levitate like a magician but not like a balloon, because I’m not a balloon. Isn’t that obvious? If you want to see a levitating balloon that badly, why don’t you buy a balloon?

Why do you look like Mel Gibson? I was born with handsome genes.

Stay magical,