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I wrote previously about the improbable usefulness of the CR in getting an honest feedback about me and my show.

By CR I mean Comfort Room. You may not find the term in some dictionaries, because native speakers of English rarely call it comfort room. The preferred usage is toilet or bathroom. Sometimes they call it water closet or lavatory.

I don’t know why Filipinos call it Comfort Room. My suspicion is somebody coined the term, because Filipinos are less frank as a people. They couch their bowel-movement thoughts in more elegant language.

As a people, Filipinos don’t call a spade a spade in the same way they don’t call a toilet a toilet. Thus Comfort Room as a term is thought up to euphemize the place where Filipinos relieve themselves of their waste matters.

PhotobucketAnyway, be it toilet, bathroom or Comfort Room, that’s the place you should be in right after your performance. Go there if you want to hear honest, even brutal, comments from the audience.

Inside the toilet, guests at a party will talk candidly about you and your show. Whether they would say you sucked or you soared, their comments would be true and honest.

You don’t have to hire a private polling company like the SWS to conduct a survey on how good you are as a performer. That will only cost you money. A cheaper and practical way to get instant feedback is to rush to the toilet after your performance.

PhotobucketGo to the toilet before any guest has beaten you there. Lock yourself inside one of the cubicles and wait for the guests to come. Oh, by the way, if you are a male magician, please hide inside the gentlemen’s, not the ladies’, toilet. Otherwise you will get a different kind of feedback when somebody catches you eavesdropping. After a woman screams in your face and demands what you are doing inside the ladies’ toilet, your answer “I’m gathering facts about my show” will simply not sound right. Be warned on this.

However, if you enter the right toilet, you will not believe the rich harvest of feedback you will hear. Guests will talk positively or negatively about you and your performance. Whatever they say, these are the unvarnished truth. Take the good with the bad, and don’t thrash about like a fish in a toilet bowl when you hear them criticize your show or, worse, you as a person.

Negative comments are par for the course. While you welcome the positive comments to feed your confidence, you don’t need to hang yourself inside the toilet when somebody says your rabbit is cute but you are not.

PhotobucketHere are sample comments by guests I often hear inside the toilet:”Leodini is so good looking he looks like Mel Gibson“, “I love it when Leodini speaks very elegant and fluent German…

Okay, I’m just kidding. I don’t speak German.

Stay magical,