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It’s called the Harness Multi Pass, a stilted if not pretentious name.

The latest incarnation of the topit, it can also be ostentatious, were it not worn under the jacket and is supposed to be invisible.

PhotobucketSurely, for its price tag of $189.95, it must be useful—that is, if you don’t mind performing and feeling like a stuffed turkey at the same time.

PhotobucketThis may be for you, if your idea of magicians’ fashion is to look like an extraterrestrial who has just landed on Nevada desert.

Made in France from high quality material, Harness Multi Pass is touted to load, vanish and produce anything while remaining invisible under the jacket.

How can it serve you?

Let me count the ways:

  • 2 Topits, one on each side
  • 2 Dove Harness
  • 2 Thumb tip loaders
  • 2 Strong Magnets (to hold any metallic object, such as keys, linking ring …)
  • 2 Card deck loaders (can also be used to load Jumbo Coins or other objects of this size)
  • 3 Bottle holders
  • Multiple Rose loaders
  • 2 Suspenders
  • A lot of extras pockets

I’m not writing about this to recommend the product to my readers. Or, the opposite, to discourage anyone from buying it.

I’m the least competent person to do either, as I have not tried using the gadget and putting it through the crucible of rehearsals and live performances.

But looking at the picture of the product and reading through the ad copy, I would not use it myself. The price seems reasonable, but I’m not sure if Harness Multi Pass complicates, rather than simplifies, manipulation.

I still believe that the secret of most beautiful magic is simplicity.

Watch this video clip of a shoplifter who makes a carton of  soft drinks (by no means a small object) disappear under her skirt.

An under-the-skirt topit?

It’s brilliant, quick, simple and efficient. There must be some use for it in magic.

Stay magical,