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PhotobucketA magician who has been performing at a birthday party for kids in the Philippines will one day make a self-examination. He will wonder if his show entertains his audiences as much as he thinks it does.

His recollections of how strong the audience impact of his performances are unreliable. A magician performing at a kid’s party is biased. He is, therefore, the least competent person to give testimonials about how good his show is.

For example, a magician or even an illusionist performing at a kid’s party, fails to elicit any audience reaction. His best material gets no applause or laughter. Do you think he will hie off to the Himalayas after the show to contemplate the reasons why his show flopped?

Not by a long shot. He’d explained away the sepulchral atmosphere as the result of his baffling Square Circle magic. He would claim, without batting an eye, that he stunned his audience into silence.

PhotobucketThis is the reason that, at a party for kids, even if I get children screaming, the grown-ups howling with laughter, I still reluctantly believe my press. I know my perception of how the show went might be biased.

However, somebody telling me how well the magic show went is the best and honest feedback I can hope to get. If the glowing review comes from the client and the guests at a children’s party, then it is something I’d want to cherish—and to wave in front of people’s faces.

Here’s one positive feedback I got from Nina Sotto, after I performed at her daughter Anaiah’s first birthday at One Explanade the previous Sunday. Some members of the audience came from a family of entertainers (movie stars and comedians). I expected them to be jaded about comedy entertainment. But I was gratified that they responded very well nonetheless.

Just when I thought I’ve seen everything, Leodini comes along and the kiddie party scene is never the same again!

Our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts were flooded with raves and praises about how enjoyable, funny and unique your show was! They echoed our sentiments that your show was truly the highlight of the night! Comic timing was spot on, magic tricks were amazing!

The first time my husband and I watched your act, he told me he was gonna book you for our baby’s 1st birthday. That was more than 2 years ago! And our baby just turned 1. You were the one thing we were sure to have at our unborn baby’s party! And we sure are happy we did!

Thank you so much, Sir Leo! You are legendary and one of a kind!

Nina Sotto

P.S. Our relatives couldn’t contain their enthusiasm and excitement, they felt the need to promote you–
Do check these links :
( to name a few)

Thanks again, Nina, for taking the time to write down your thoughts about the show. Your feedback means so much to my team and me.

Stay magical,