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Spending after-show bonding time with a Davao magician and a pretty magic fan.

“It takes longer than you think” is an appropriate Murphy’s Law to quote in describing our rehearsal sessions in Davao.

I don’t know who Murphy is, and I don’t think anybody knows him, but this guy is a genius. His Laws always rule my life.

Before I went to Davao, I drew an hour-by-hour schedule of rehearsal activities, anticipating quite well two hectic days. As it turned out,assembling the props took longer than I expected, so did the technical fine-tuning of the lights and sound.  Specially the lights.

I was disappointed that the theater’s projector screen lacked industrial-strength luminosity. You see, to cut down on the cost of shipping the illusion props to Davao, we did not bring any stage scenery. We relied on the screen saver on the wall of the stage to provide the scenery and create the mood. Alas, the images appeared washed out, because of the projector’s lack of suitable lumens.

On the day of the show, I wanted to have one run-through in the morning and one run-through in the afternoon. Had we done that, we would be very confident the show would run like a well-oiled machine. It did not happen. We ran out of time and managed only to have one run-through.

Producer Mon Yap looked worried when I told him we didn’t have enough time for another complete run-through. Still, I was confident Kent, the guests performers, and the girls, having staged the show before, would be able to pull off the show as spectacularly as they did in Teatrino.


After the show, Kent celebrates success with his loved ones.

I’m proud to say they all did it again in Davao. They all rose to the occasion to the delight of the SRO crowd. Kent was in his usual energetic self, performing his pieces with panache.

During the show, there were a few gaffes and miscommunication between the control booth and the backstage people. The miscues, though, were not serious enough to mar the show.

The lighting left much to be desired, but we had to make do with what available equipment the theater had.

The biggest boo-boo I made, though, was forgetting to bring back the Alta Dance Ensemble to the stage during the curtain call.  They did a well-executed, excellently choreographed high-energy number that thrilled the crowd. Still, I forgot to bring them back to the stage to harvest their own share of the applause.

My apologies, guys. I have no excuse.

Stay magical,