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PhotobucketI just got back from Davao City, where I directed Kent Estrada’s The Illusionist show.   I also briefly appeared in it by performing one routine.

I’m still nursing an adrenaline high, because the show before an SRO crowd went exceedingly well. It went even more than my most conservative expectations.

But I was bleary eyed as well, because I caught only three-and-half hour sleep on Sunday. A three-hour stay in dreamland after the show and a 30-minute nap on the plane back to Manila.

PhotobucketI had to fly back ahead of the rest of the Illusionist cast, because I had two shows waiting for me in Manila yesterday. So while the illusionist magicians and  girls enjoyed the tourist spots in Davao City, I was braving Metro Manila’s Sunday traffic to show up at the Holy Spirit School in New Manila and at One Esplanade in Pasay City to perform.

I’m not complaining, specially because both shows were roaring successes. It’s just that I was half-asleep while doing those shows and three-fourth catatonic when driving home.

Not the healthiest routine to do in a day. However, I’m still enjoying the fact that Nina Sotto, who threw the birthday party for her daughter at One Esplanade, sent me this message that made me blush:

“Hi Sir Leodini, thanks so much for the awesome show! It was the icing on the cake. You really are legendary. Everyone enjoyed and had a blast! Do you have a website where I can make a testimony? My husband and I are really grateful. Have a good night, and till our next party!”

Thanks, Nina, for taking the time to write. It’s nice to know your daughter’s guests had as much fun watching the show as we had performing for them.

To my Davao readers and the rest of the followers of this blog, I will write my thoughts on the Illusionist Show in Davao, as soon as I’ve collected my thoughts.

Stay magical,