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PhotobucketIn August last year, I directed Kent Estrada’s The Illusionist show, which staged at Teatrino Theater in upscale Greenhills.

The show was so successful that Kent now tours the show in the provinces, starting in Davao City, in time for the Valentine season.

I will again direct the show.

Except for one girl who left and one girl who took her place, the dancers and assistants are mostly the same girls that performed at Teatrino.

Alex Lagula can’t make it to Davao City because of previous commitments, so I did a minor change in the flow of the program.

PhotobucketTouring an illusion show is a logistical nightmare. The props and illusions have to be crated and fitted inside one container van for shipping to Davao.

The show’s cast comprises five guest performers, eight female assistants, three male utility personnel, three backstage staffers, and one music spinner.

All these props and personnel have to be brought together onstage to produce an aesthetically pleasing and amazing evening show. This goal requires not only artistic talent and profound knowledge in magic but also managerial acumen from the one wielding the baton during the show.

We have added three routines to the Tatrino show. The Davao version of The Illusionist is, therefore, bigger. It has more oomph than its earlier staging.

I hope the theater-loving people of Davao will come and see the show on February 11. We, the creative group behind this show, went to extraordinary lengths to make The Illusionist distinct from other magic shows.

We don’t want the show to look like a mall show, or a noontime TV show, or a prime time telenovela, or a perya attraction. Instead, we want it to be a theatrical presentation, because for us performing artists, the theater is the most sacred of places. It demands the best performance and creative substance from us.

Stay magical,