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PhotobucketWhen a birthday girl’s Mom writes glowingly about my show, I always get a narcotic-like high reading it over and over.

In every performance, I always gun for applause and laughter on top of enthralling the audience with astounding magic. So when the audience claps or laughs or oohs and aahs, those reactions are things I expect. People are supposed to do that, since I always bust my butt off to produce those reactions. Photobucket

However, if the client, a few days after the event, takes the time to write her glowing reflections of the show, I consider that as an extra-special reward for all the hard work my team and I put into the show.

Here’s one such positive review I received in my Inbox today. Let me unabashedly share it with you:

Dear Leodini,

We would like to thank you for making our daughter’s first birthday very meaningful, memorable and indeed magical! 🙂

Your performance last Jan.15, 2012 brought so much laughter, joy and happiness to our family and everyone who watched your show. Until this day, my husband and I still talk about your hilarious show. You are so funny, great and witty.

The day after the party, my relatives sent me text messages thanking me for a successful party. Some asked for your talent fee while some asked if you have been peforming overseas 🙂

According to my cousin’s husband who’s an Austrian, “It was a brand new experience for him,” as he thanked us for inviting him. Well, we believe that one of the contributing factors, which made our kid’s party a success, was your outstanding performance. It was one of a kind, amazing and hilarious. Don’t be surprised if you get another invitation from us again (smile).

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to say, “Many thanks for many things, Leodini!” May God bless you and may your tribe increase! 🙂


Aris & Jessica Acosta

Thanks also for going to a great length to let me know the guests enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed performing for them.