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PhotobucketYou probably have seen David Blaine on national television fill a coffee mug with money, a trick he performed for a beggar on a street corner.

No doubt you also have seen him levitate on a sidewalk before a trio of screaming girls.

I’m sure you also have caught the episode of Mind Freak where Criss Angel walks on water to the befuddlement of passers-by.

Well, I’ve stumbled upon YouTube videos where these astounding miracles are performed not only to astonish people but also to make them laugh hard.

PhotobucketFor the life of me, as a magician in the Philippines, I would not dream of using these jaw-droppers as anything but for totally flooring audiences. However, the creative people behind the Just for Laughs TV program have thought up ways to make these venerable illusions into irreverent gags.

Surprise, surprise! As a magician, I’m not fuming mad that classics tricks like the Miser’s Dream, Levitation, and Walking on Water are misused by some humor maniacs in such sacrilegious and blasphemous ways. Instead, I love how they set them up to produce laughter and amusement. And oh, yes, amazement, too.

If only the traditional presentation of magic can be this entertaining, magic shows would be a blockbuster everywhere magicians perform.

Start the week laughing. Watch and enjoy these three videos. I had a lot of fun, not to mention stomach cramps, watching them over and over.

Jesus Makes Money

Jesus Levitates

Jesus Walks on Water

Stay magical,