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PhotobucketNext to magic, I like playing pranks. I love the sweet taste of triumph of well-laid plans and the hilarity of watching innocent victims, usually friends or relatives, recoil from practical jokes.

The reason I like pranks and magic might be that they both employ the same principles to achieve almost identical results. Both use stooges, misdirection, and elaborate set-ups to snare their intended victims. The payoffs are howls of laughter on the part of the pranksters, and amazement and consternation on the part of the victims.

PhotobucketPractical jokes and magic tricks, though, when they go wrong, can end differently. When a magician messes up a trick, he merely gets booed by the audience. However, when a prank goes horribly wrong, accidents do happen.

Let me share with you a video of a prank that is both a practical joke and a magic trick. Watch how the perpetrators set up their victims and how well they pull off the prank. Study how they use misdirection. Savor the vicarious joy of creating amazing moments in the life of ordinary people.

If only magicians could create these reactions consistently with their thumb tips, thumb tip tricks would always be fun.

Disappearing car prank. [VIDEO].

Stay magical,