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PhotobucketLately, I’ve found ambient stimuli easily distract me.

I have this sneaking suspicion that my inability to sustain focus has something to do with growing old, a prospect I don’t care about. I’d rather grow tomatoes in the garden than grow old, but, hey, it’s 2012. Another year has passed. There’s simply no stopping aging.

That must explain why when I’m distracted I become testy. I often shoot the person(s) causing the distraction a baleful stare.

PhotobucketSometimes I bare my fangs and snap at them. At other times, I growl at them. When I’m in my most cantankerous mood, I give them a mouthful of tirades—while the microphone is live.

It’s not good showmanship, but sometimes, when the show is in danger of flopping, I need to take drastic steps to prevent it from bombing.

The microphone conks out, and I forget my lines. Somebody in the audience suddenly stands up and leaves, and I’m thrown off balance. Parents talking in the back of the room, guests taking group pictures of themselves, waiters serving the children ice cream—all this throws me for a loop.

That’s the reason I’m thinking of studying Yoga. I figure I need to teach myself the discipline of keeping focus on entertaining my audience instead of constantly fighting off distractions.

Stay magical,