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PhotobucketYes, the card trick I’m about to show you is amazing.

No, it’s not done by smoke, mirrors, trap doors, escaping gasses.

Yes, it’s a math trick.

And no, in its present form, it is not entertaining. The truth is that it is so boring you will entertain thoughts of suicide while watching it.

Card tricks based on mathematical quirkiness are inherently boring. Add a lot of counting and repetitious moves (like on the video), and you ensure a boring performance.

PhotobucketI’m showing the video clip to you to give you a good example of a boring card trick. It is the finest specimen of a sleep-inducing magic.

Once you accept that fact, here’s a challenge you may want to take: tell me how to make this trick entertaining.

As I said earlier, the trick is amazing. Unless you are a math whizz, you may not be able to explain it. My challenge is not how to bedazzle your audience with it. Rather how to make it entertaining, enjoyable, and fun.

PhotobucketSend me a script of your suggested routine of this trick. I’ll be the judge, jury and executioner of it. I will tell you if your routine is entertaining.

Here’s the prize: if you are a male magician, I will send you Angelina Jolie to sleep in your house for one night. If you are a female magician, I will sleep in your house.

Here’s the video clip of the card trick. Do some thinking to win the prizes I’m putting up for grabs.

Stay magical,