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Today, let me share with you an email from someone who booked me two days after catching my show at a recent birthday party.

She didn’t get a business card from me at the party, so she must have done some sleuthing to track me down.

The email sender is a layperson. She holds views about magic shows that may be the general sentiments of most birthday moms. What she says in the email should give the savvy marketer in us an inkling of what our market expects from magicians. These are lessons to take to heart.

Hi Mr. Leodini,

Good day! I watched you perform at a birthday party last Saturday. My husband and I really enjoyed your magic show. Until we got home, my husband was trying to solve your tricks.

We also liked the style of your performance. Although in the first part of the show, it looked like it’s just a normal or usual magic program, but as the show went on it became more interesting and amazing. I can say that you are one of the best magicians in the country.

Sir, I just want to inquire about the packages you offer. We’re not rich, but I just want to share with my family and friends the joy we experienced watching your magic tricks.  We’d like to invite you to perform on the first birthday of my daughter on January 8, 2012 at 11am to 3pm.

Hoping for your reply,

Mommy Cielo

Here are some of the points in the email I’d like to comment on:

“My husband and I really enjoyed your magic show.” The happy part is that all magicians agree that magic is entertaining. The sad part is, not all lay people think it is.  The sadder part is that ordinary folks think entertaining magic is rare.

“Until we got home, my husband was trying to solve your tricks.” Trying to see through a magic trick is a normal reaction of ordinary people. They will always find explanations to anything they don’t understand, not only magic.

So as magicians, we should not allow ourselves to become slouches in the technique department of our art. In that way, our magic will not be as transparent as the image of a patient’s lungs on the x-ray screen.

“Although in the first part of the show, it looked like it’s just a normal or usual magic program…” It may break your heart, and hurt your ego, but the truth is, most people think all magicians are alike. They think all magicians do the same tricks and perform similar shows. Sometimes this kind of thinking make them dismissive of magicians. When the MC announces the start of the magic show, some of the guests would leave the room to light a cigarette outside rather than watch the show.


Because they think all magic shows are the same, so they must have seen before something similar to it, even though the performer is different.

“…but as the show went on, it became more interesting and amazing.” Over the years I have realized that what most lay people look for in a magic show is that it must be interesting and amazing.

You can build interest right off the bat if you choose your material wisely. The fastest way to lose audience interest is by doing the same magic other magicians are doing.

Aspire to be unique, or at least different. If you must do tricks other magicians are doing, do it in your own style, or add something to its performance to make it uniquely yours.

PhotobucketAbove all make your magic strong. We are magicians and entertainers. We entertain with our magic. It is not enough that we make our audience laugh, scream with delight, applaud loudly or give us a standing ovation. We need also to floor them and drop their jaws on the floor with awesome, spellbinding magic.

Stay magical,