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PhotobucketIf like me you descended from the Three Wise Men who followed the Star of Bethlehem, you must have observed that too much magic flood the market today.

The phenomenon haunts not only the Philippine magic scene but the world of conjuring. I think the situation is even worse outside the country than it is inside.

Too much magic. Too many props. Too many DVDs, books, and multimedia.

PhotobucketToo many new routines released. Too many variations of variations of a sleight.

So much underground stuff are proffered in the market and moved above the ground for even the beginners to feast on.

And unavoidably, from this heap of abundance comes an overflow of junk.

PhotobucketIf you need to haul tons of dirt from the bottom of the earth before you can harvest a diamond, the same thing is true with magic. One has to rummage through piles of inane tricks to find a gem that can affect an audience magically.

The proliferation of magic is a legitimate concern. With the advent of information technology, we witness a flood of material in the market. Even those who are not pre-qualified to learn magic, let alone discover its secrets, can now easily get hold of the latest props, videos, and books by legal or illegal means.

Too many magic, too easy access.

Yet too little gems.

The result?

Too many magicians doing the same tricks.

Stay magical,