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I don’t know how she got hold of my mobile phone number, but a woman who sounded desperate sent me a text message pleading for help.

The exchange of messages follows below. I choose not to divulge her name, or any information that may identify her, or the name of any person other than some known mentalists and me.

PhotobucketI will not annotate the messages. They are self-explanatory. I may amplify my thoughts in a follow-up article. That is, if I don’t get distracted by the DVD movies I just bought and choose instead to jump onto a lazy boy chair to watch them.

(Note: I edited the messages for style and clarity.)

PhotobucketLady in Distress: Hi Sir Leodini, I heard you can also read minds. I badly need some help. I feel miserable already with my problems. I hope you can help me. My name  is (she spelled out her name), and I was born (she gave her birth date). The guy’s name is (she spelled out his name), and he was born (she wrote down his birth date). I need to know if it is worth to wait for him. Thanks.

Hi, much as I like to help you, I am an entertainer, not a counselor. I don’t have the background or skill to troubleshoot people’s problems. I suggest you seek help from professional counselors or religious ministers. I hope things will turn out all right for you.

Lady in Distress: Sorry, Sir, and thank you for responding. I thought you were like Mr. David Elefant or Mr. Nomer Lasala. I thought you were a mentalist. Sorry again. Thanks.

Hi, I perform mentalism as entertainment. David and Nomer are my friends, but I doubt they have the training to advise people on how to solve their troubles.

Lady in Distress: Actually, what I need is for them to do me a favor by reading my boyfriend’s mind. I just want to know if he still wants to push through with our plans. That’s all I need to know. Thanks.

Here’s the brutal truth: no one can read somebody’s mind without the subject’s consent or cooperation. If your boyfriend cooperates and chooses to tell the truth, you might as well ask him what’s on his mind instead of asking a mentalist to divine his plans for you.

PhotobucketLady in Distress: OK, thank you so much. Sir, sorry if I bothered you. You see, I caught Mr.Nomer’s TV program where he read a person’s thoughts. I’m so sorry.

It’s all right. I’m happy to straighten out whatever misconception you may have about mentalism. What you saw on TV is entertainment. Take it with a grain of salt.

PhotobucketLady in Distress: Thank you, Sir. Last question: if ever, is it possible for you to read my mind? It’s all right if you refuse to answer this question.

My kind of mind reading can be done only under controlled or theater condition as a form of entertainment. It does not have any practical application or usefulness like predicting tomorrow’s winning lotto combination. If if has, I won’t take advantage of it, especially if doing so can be harmful to somebody’s state of mind. If this doesn’t make sense to you, it’s because I can’t elaborate without breaking the magician’s code of silence.

Lady in Distress: Sorry again for being persistent. I won’t ask you any more questions.  Excuse me for my impertinence. Thank you.

You are welcome.

Stay magical,