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Michael Ammar arrives to a tumultuous welcome.


Part of the crowd that turns up that evening to experience live Michael Ammar's lecture.

After my last show for the day on Sunday, I rushed to Pepeton’s Grill and Restaurant to attend Michael Ammar’s lecture.

Since I couldn’t send my three assistants home after our shows, I had them in tow when I arrived puffing and panting at Pepeton’s. A crowd was already building up outside the lecture room when we got there. After paying the entrance fee for four persons, I  entered the room and had a difficult time finding choice seats for my entourage and me.


The exciting part of the evening: having a picture with Michael and getting him to sign my copy of his book.

The lecture started late, but when it got going Michael did not disappoint the roomful of magicians who came to see him. He lived  up to his billing as the Best Sleight of Hand, Best Close-up Magician, Best Parlour Magician, FISM Gold Medalist, Best Lecturer and a few other titles with “Best” appended to it. We hung on his every word and became eager students, lapping at his jokes and absorbing the wisdom he shared with us.

Michael came prepared for his lecture. His notes were printed on glossy paper and in full color. They came with a companion DVD for those who were willing to shell out extra amount of pesos. I did without thinking and, surprisingly, I woke up this morning without any buyer’s remorse.


The world-famous Michael Ammar performs his world-famous Cups and Balls routine.

For me, one memorable part of the evening was to see live his famous Cups and Balls routine.  I have read about it in his book, watched it on his DVD countless times, learned it and performed it, but to watch him perform it live and up close was a real treat indeed.

The best part of the evening, though, was when I had my picture taken with Michael and to get him to sign my copy of his book The Magic of Michael Ammar.


The morning after: while writing this blog entry, I show proudly to the camera my prize catch---Michael's autograph.

I have a photo of it as proof, souvenir and memento of the occasion.

Last night I felt magic in the air, even though the temperature inside the room rose to almost unbearable point when cooling down a room packed with magicians was beyond the air conditioners’ capacity.